Mission Statement

Our commitment is to assist with the rehabilitation of men and women transitioning from the criminal justice system. We strive to provide serenity through our affordable, tranquil home environment and exceptional services.


Our vision is to be a leader in creating community partnerships, reducing recidivism, collaborating to foster growth in our clients while encouraging them to strive for positive advancement in their everyday life.

Keys to Success


We will provide individuals previously incarcerated with adequate housing and exceptional developmental services.


We will build a community within our homes to enable a seamless transition back into the community.


We are committed to reducing recidivism by offering tailored personal developmental services to foster growth in our residents.


We will work closely with local and federal agencies to ensure that each individual has the needed tools to successfully transition back into society.


We will establish relationships with operating transitional homes, non profits, and other organizations to ensure each individual gets independent care and proper placement in an environment that will enable success.